"Love one another AS I have loved you!"  Jesus the Christ
                                                                                                                              "The ONLY Way"...Pope Paul VI

                          all & only Jesus!

It is  Jesus who opens up our eyes to new possibilities, to new hope, to ways of being and acting that we never thought before possible.  He transforms our old ways of reacting by "re-parenting" us into the image of His most beloved Father.  His ways are more tender than we have ever known, more caring than any love ever received, and He never abandons us.  

Welcome to Healing International Inc.'s new website! 


Healing International School (H.I.S.)
 Jesus-Centered Schema Healing Ministry &  Lectio Divina Evangelization
the New Evangelization in Action!

Romuald B. Simeone, President & co-founder of Healing International, Inc. and Biblical author, Love Letters From Your Father, the Biblical Books of John, is Chaplain and professor for our developing school.

Rev. Fr. Norman Supancheck
from St. Didacus, Sylmar, CA & Campus Minister at Bishop Alemany High School, Archdiocese of Los Angeles, is spiritual director for the clergy & lay application of Jesus-Centered Schema Therapy Ministry.  Fr. Norman has a special vocation and heart for the New Evangelization,

We are ecumenical and base ourselves on the basic Gospel model and message.

  Jesus-Centered Schema Healing 
  Presentations will cover application of concepts for both individuals and marriages.  These modules will count towards 
Healing International School (H.I.S.) certification in J-C Schema Healing 

More infomation will follow soon regarding  pre-requisites and professional academic training. 
Registration information will be posted.  Please send email of interest to:  info@healinginternational.org

Come engage in learning how to heal those disgruntled & disheartened about the Church and religion and help them get to know Jesus' healing Love in their lives!

 Our mission: Healing relationships within families and marriages,  organizations, secular society & for individuals within their inner selves and God.    Developing resources for for the disgruntled, disenfranchised, disappointed, disheartened, discouraged and distraught....seeking for something more in life!


We are also busy with daily sharing about the Love of our lives, Jesus,  through the Healing International Lectio Divina Prayer Association, through our publications, books and DVDs to equip a generation of Christian disciples for the ever Old and ever New - Evangelization. 

I Thirst.JPG25+ years serving Jesus Christ and His Church.


“I Thirst!”

Will you come follow me?

We invite you to be a prayer Co- Missionary…

What does God want me to do?  Isn't this the big question?  Should you be able to hear the answer is and invigorating.  You can find the answer in the simple prayer process called Lectio Divina.  Lectio Divina, literally Divine Reading, goes beyond studying the bible commentary you find in your Bible.  It is an ancient practice of Christianity modeled even by the Virgin Mary herself!  Lectio Divina takes you from Bible quotes to "putting on" the Gospel of Jesus.  It goes beyond the intellectual assessment of "Who is God", and "How to study the Bible" to a personal connection with Jesus. Obviously, if you want a PERSONAL answer to the PERSONAL question of "What does God want me to do?".....you are going to need a PERSONAL CONNECTION to the Gospel-Jesus.  In a way, you can use the term, "divine reading, i.e. Lectio Divina" to mean, HOW TO READ SCRIPTURE IN A DIVINE, SPIRIT-INSPIRED CIRCUMSTANTIAL WAY, NOT IN THE NORMAL WAY WE READ A BOOK, IN OUR COMFORTABLE DETACHED AND INTELLECTUALIZING, ANALYZING MANNER.  It is all about God circumstantially intervening in you as you pray/read His holy Love Letter   (St. Jerome's reference to the Scriptures) to you.  It is Jesus Himself who wishes to offer His loving intervention in every circumstance of your life!  Many Christians are seeking answers to what does God want of me?  The greatest Christian  news is that Scripture is God's "Answers Forum", it is our Father's way of communicating with each Christian in a personal and intimate way.  Our other web pages give you more teaching and examples.  One of our goals is to put together Healing Internationals Kit  for you to learn through DVDs and manuals, not only to help yourself, but to pass it on!

CHECK OUT THE AUDIO LINKS of "THIS IS GOD SPEAKING" BELOW:  WE THINK YOU WILL GET A REAL KICK OUT OF THEM.  They are an example of our Lectio Divina as we try to apply what the Holy Spirit shows us in the Scripture.     Enjoy...and let us know what you think....(Tell us, does it sound like Him??....email: info@healinginternational.org)
To Hear the Audio Click Here!

Our Mentor: Archbishop Clavel
Pope John Paul II  greeting 
the late +Tomas A. Clavel Mendez, Advisory Board Member
Archbishop Emeritus of Panama City
Ep. Tit. Alexanensis
Please help support our development of our texts, videos, and the Healing International School for Evangelization (H.I.S. for Evangelization) which combines the tools of Schema Therapy with their Gospel application to heal and "re-parent" Jesus' Way.

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